1) питання; предмет (в т. ч. угоди, позову), об'єкт; підвладний (ім. ), підданий (ім. ); привід; труп (для розтину)
2) підлеглий, підвладний, залежний
3) піддавати (впливу тощо); підкоряти

subject administrative authority to judicial control — піддавати адміністративну владу судовому контролю

subject to corrective treatment — піддавати виправному впливу

subject to mandatory retirement at a fixed age — який підлягає обов'язковому виходу у відставку (на пенсію) після досягнення визначеного віку

subject to necessary changes being made — за умови внесення необхідних змін

subject to strict judicial control — під суворим контролем суду (або судових органів)

- subject in issue
- subject invention
- subject-matter
- subject-matter jurisdiction
- subject-matter of action
- subject-matter of case
- subject-matter of dispute
- subject-matter of suit
- subject nation
- subject of action
- subject of bailment
- subject of charge
- subject of contention
- subject of controversy
- subject of inquiry
- subject of international law
- subject of invention
- subject of law
- subject of rights and duties
- subject of suit
- subject of taxation
- subject of the crown
- subject of theft
- subject oneself to a judgement
- subject oneself to a judgment
- subject state
- subject to
- subject to alteration
- subject to appeal
- subject to be proven
- subject to approval
- subject to call
- subject to censorship
- subject to conditions
- subject to confirmation
- subject to consideration
- subject to contract
- subject to cross-examination
- subject to duty
- subject to final payment
- subject to forced treatment
- subject to interrogation
- subject to notification
- subject to paragraph
- subject to persecution
- subject to prosecution
- subject to proviso
- subject to ratification
- subject to repression
- subject to reservations
- subject to review by the court
- subject to revision
- subject to risk
- subject to state control
- subject to state regulation
- subject to tax
- subject to taxation
- subject to torture
- subject to tortures
- subject to victimization
- subject to waiver

English-Ukrainian law dictionary.


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